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Tap Fish – Android Game Review


If you’ve ever wanted to have a virtual fish tank on your phone, Tap Fish is the game for you. The popular iOS game is now available on Android thanks to Gameview Studios. Tap Fish puts you in charge of your own virtual aquarium and all the tasks that go along with it. You will have to keep the tank clean and the fish fed, just like a real fish tank. The large amount of unlockable items combined with great graphics really set this virtual aquarium game apart from the rest.


The gameplay is pretty straightforward. You’ll start out with one fish tank, and have to keep your fish alive & happy. You will need to feed them, keep the tank clean and occasionally give your fish a little love. You receive XP for completing tasks like selling fish, taking care of other peoples tanks and cleaning your own. As your level increases, you will be able to unlock different fish and better items for you tank. You will need to keep tabs on your fish every so often to make sure they don’t starve. There are a lot of people playing the game, so you’ll probably get some help maintaining your setup from your “neighbors” in the game.


If you love games with lots of unlockable/upgradable features, Tap Fish will not disappoint you. There are over 50 different fish, 100 decorations, and more than 20 backgrounds. This wide assortment of upgrades ensures that your tank will be different from all the rest. You can also breed certain fish into some very cool combinations. You won’t have to worry about running out of room either, as you can own multiple tanks. As with most games of this nature, you’ll need to make some money to upgrade your tank. You can do so by selling your fish, completing tasks or taking care of your neighbors tanks. If you would like to speed the process up, you can always purchase credits/fish bucks through the “in-game” system.


Tap Fish is a fun game with great graphics. There is a lot to do, and many unlockable features that will keep you busy for awhile. I played this on my brother’s iPhone awhile back, and I’m glad Gameview Studios brought this to Android. It’s a very polished game, which is evident in the ratings and the large number of downloads (over 500,000) it’s received in just three weeks. If you want to get started decking out your tank, you can go grab Tap Fish for free in the Android market.