Tattoo Tycoon – Android Game Review


Here at Android-Apps we’ve always enjoyed a good simulation game, and Tattoo Tycoon from HandyGames is a great new addition to the genre. This game puts you in charge of a Tattoo Shop where you’ll have to work your way up to being the top Tattoo parlor in town. There are plenty of items to buy for your shops, and lots of different tattoos to apply to your customers. If you enjoy games that keep you busy, you’re going to like Tattoo Tycoon…


As with most simulation games your goal is to make money, meet goals, and improve your shop. You’ll start out in a small shop and gradually work your way up to being the top shop in the finale. You’ll have to hire employees, furnish your studio, research new tattoos, improve your tattoo gear, and most importantly give people tattoos. Besides the management part of the game, tattooing and selling tattoos is how you’ll spend most of your time unless you hire someone else to do it. The tattooing system is easy to get the hang of as you’ll touch/hold the screen to drop the needle in certain areas and let up when you need to raise the needle. If a customer feels too much pain, you’ll make less money or get no money at all. Bad Tattoos will also cause your shops reputation to go down which is not good considering a lot of your missions will deal with reputation.


You get two modes of play in Tattoo Tycoon with Campaign mode and Free game. The heart of the game lies in Campaign mode where you’ll have to meet specific goals to advance and finish the game. Free mode lets you play any previously unlocked studios with no goals or time limits. There are plenty of things to buy for your shop and you’ll unlock new items as you progress through the game. It’s really a game of three parts for me; tycoon mode, tattoo mode, and selling the tattoo. Giving a tattoo and selling a customer one are pretty much mini-games of sorts and add another level of depth to the gameplay. It’s also nice that you can hire someone to do the jobs you don’t like, while you sit back and rake in the cash


I’ve been waiting for a decent sim/tycoon game to tide me over until the English version of Soccer Story comes out, and Tattoo Tycoon has definitely filled that void. I thought I’d be able to breeze through this one, but it’s actually turned out to be fairly difficult and quite a bit longer than I expected. I don’t really have anything negative to say about the game as its well done, a lot of fun to play, and will keep you busy for quite a while. Tattoo Tycoon is available in a free ad-supported version or paid version sans the ads, both are available to download in the Android market.


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