The Adventures of Tintin – Android Game Review


Gameloft… sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them, but I can’t deny they have put out some great looking games. The mobile gaming giant dropped a little game called The Adventures of Tin Tin into the market this week, and although I’d heard of the upcoming movie & comic I really didn’t know a lot about good ol’ Tintin. After playing the game for awhile, I can now say I know who Tintin & Snowy are and may even check the movie out now. Was the game really good enough to make me an instant fan? Read on to find out…


The Adventures of Tintin is a very simple game to play as you basically walk around with the joystick and follow the storyline. There is a run button and a sneak button that you’ll need to use at the appropriate times, and you’re required to do gestures/swipes during certain parts of the game as well. All of these actions are always announced, and I’ve found most to be very easy to pull off although I did have one sneak up on me at the start. You do get to change characters in the game and will switch to Tintin’s dog Snowy in certain spots as well as a few other characters later in the game. As you travel throughout the levels you’ll see coins scattered about and occasionally a puzzle piece. You’ll want to pick these up as they’re used to complete and purchase puzzles in the Extras menu.


There are a few extras in The Adventures of Tintin, but not many. That being said, what they did put in was pretty cool. From the extras menu in the game you’ll be taken to an old suitcase and given two selections with gallery and shop. Remember those puzzle pieces we talked about? Well, they go into your gallery which shows your puzzles and how many pieces you’ve collected. The 12 puzzles in the gallery are pretty simple to work, but a lot of fun and you’ll get a nice surprise when you complete each puzzle. All the coins you’ve collected in the game can be used in the Shop where you can purchase 7 more puzzles! The puzzles are added to your gallery and range in price from 50 to 300 coins. As for the options, you can change the language, sound, motion controls or reset the game.


Personally, I’ve had an up and down experience with Gameloft. From the strange way they choose to distribute certain games to their games that are a bit unoriginal; they’ve always puzzled me somewhat. I can honestly say that they changed my mind with The Adventures of Tintin as they did a top-notch job with the game. The cinematics were great, the graphics are gorgeous, and I found the story itself to be very engaging. The only real complaint I have is that I wish it was a longer game. I know it’s tied to the movie though, so I’m not really going to knock it for being a little short. The storyline really does suck you in, and the game does a very good job of introducing you to the characters and tying them into the upcoming movie. The Adventures of Tintin is a very family friendly game, and it’s easy enough that younger kids should be able to play it as well. Gameloft did a great job with the game, and I highly recommend you check it out. You can get The Adventures of Tintin in the Android Market for $6.99.


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