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The Marbians – Android Game Review


The Marbians is the story of a few poor little marble-encased aliens who’ve been trapped on earth, and just want to get back home. You can help them on their way by flinging and flicking them through the levels, and back to their space ship. The graphics are excellent, and the game has a real 50’s vibe to it with the music and look of the levels. Osao & Nordisk Film really did a great job on this game as The Marbians isn’t just about looks, it’s also a lot of fun to play.


The game mechanics are simple as you’ll just have to draw back and fling your Marbian in the direction you want them to go ala Angry Birds. The goal for each level is to reach your ship and collect moon rocks along the way. You don’t have to get the moon rocks to pass the level, but it helps build your score and adds another layer of difficulty to the game. The Marbians will bounce off of anything they hit, and in a lot of cases you’re going to have to bounce of things to open panels or ricochet yourself through some tricky spots.


They’re may not be many extras in Marbians, but whatever it lacks in that department it makes up with it’s style. The graphics are very easy on the eyes, and The Marbians look like something that rolled straight out of Pixar. If you like levels, The Marbians definitely has that covered with a whopping 72 levels spread out across three different toy boxes. It also has global rankings and trophies that can be shared with your friends on Facebook.


You’re guaranteed to have a blast playing The Marbians, and with 72 levels you’re going to be playing it for a while. The graphics and general vibe of the game got my attention quickly; it’s really a very polished game overall. You’ll get to try 8 levels in the free version, but can upgrade to the full version for the low price of .99 cents via the in-app purchasing system. The Marbians is a very cool game that anyone can pick up and play, and is definitely worth checking out.