The Moron Test Android App Integrates OpenFeint Service on Android

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Aurora Feint, a popular game and app developer for iOS has just announced that they are bringing the same online service to the Android platform. This is great news since not only will Android phone users get some pretty cool apps and games but will also brings cross-platform unification of iOS apps supported by the OpenFeint system. One of the few first few apps that is leveraging on OpenFeint for Android service is the brain puzzle app called Moron Test.

Moron Test Android app will have the same features as its iOS counterparts including – access to OpenFeint-powered friends lists, chat rooms, leaderboards, and achievements. Moron Test  Lite has been available on the Android Market for two months now and since its release, the Android app has been downloaded more than 700,000 times. Its paid version which only cost $0.99 has been downloaded for 65,000 times.

Now, if you’re like me who uses both an iOS device and an Android phone, it won’t matter now on which platform you play The Moron Test. You can have full access to leaderboards, achievements and friend lists on the game’s versions on both platforms.

The Moron Test Lite, a free version is also available on the the Android Market.  For more info about the Moron Test, check out their Facebook fan page.

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