The n7player Music Player – Android App Review

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The n7player is a new music player for Android that will let you listen to tunes in style. The app has a super-slick 3D interface that will WOW you, and it’s a breeze to use as it makes finding your favorite tunes easy while you’re on the go.

The n7player utilizes your Android devices touch screen to work its magic as it lets you view and sort your music through several different ways. When zoomed out you’ll see a tag cloud that shows the artists names laid out across the screen, but when you zoom in you’ll get the album covers in all their glory. The n7player’s layout allows you to quickly scroll through your songs with the flick of a finger, and setting songs up in a queue is a breeze as well. The n7player also has a very nice 5 band equalizer with bass boost, environmental effects, and sound visualization technology. Last but not least, we’ve got the album art downloader which is a must have for any great music player. The downloader works well and is one of the fastest I’ve used, but the automatic selector can pull up some shoddy covers at times. It really comes down to your mp3’s though, and isn’t a huge issue as you can manually replace any covers you don’t like with a few quick touches.


The n7player does as advertised, and it’s one of the best music players I’ve tried in awhile. I really liked the whole “tag cloud” look when you’re zoomed out, and the cover art downloader is one of the quickest I’ve seen. There are a few small things that could use some improvement, but overall it’s an awesome music player that people should definitely check out.  You can get n7 Mobile’s n7player Music Player for free on Google Play.


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