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They Need To Be Fed – Android Game Review


I’ve always enjoyed finding games in the Market that are a little different. Well, YoYo Games & Jesse Venbrux have put out a different kind of Android game called “They Need to be fed.” In this funky little game; you’ll guide your character through the levels, and feed yourself to a monster at the end. It’s harder than it sounds as the whole game is set in zero-gravity, and you’ll have to avoid many deadly obstacles along the way.

Gameplay & Features

Controlling your little guy is a breeze, as you can only move forwards, backwards or jump. Jumping isn’t that easy as you’ll soon find out; zero-gravity can be your best friend or worst enemy in this game. The levels start out easy with the nice blue backgrounds, and cute graphics. Don’t be fooled though, I was gritting my teeth by the end, trying to get the 99 diamonds to unlock the last levels. As you journey throughout the levels to feed yourself to that hungry monster, you will have to collect diamonds along the way. When you reach a certain amount, you are allowed to go to the next world. It’s a nice touch for those of us who like to “jump ahead” in games without completing the entire world. It can also backfire, as I had to start going back to the earlier levels to pick up “easy” diamonds. Nice touch with that, I thought I would have it beat within 10 minutes, but I was wrong.

Your character will also have to dodge cannons, spikes, and exploding platforms. Some of the blocks/platforms rotate, while other will stop rotating once you jump on them. Throw in the fact your doing all of this in Zero Gravity, and you have a really fun game. You literally cannot fall off of anything in the game. If you jump from an exploding block, your character will “float” to the next closest platform. Unfortunately, that next platform may explode or be covered with spikes. There are seven worlds, and each of those has seven levels with an extra “unlockable” level in each world. That brings the total to 56 levels of zero-gravity fun. I almost forgot to mention that the graphics are simple but really great. The soundtrack is awesome as well; it gives the game a great feel.


Honestly, They need to be fed is one of the funnest games I have played in the past few months. When you take into account the fact I try 10-12 new games a day, that’s saying a lot. I can’t really find anything negative to say about the game, except that I want more levels to play, and there isn’t a free version. It’s definitely worth checking out, and you can grab the paid version for .96 cents in the Android Market.