Tickle the Ivories with Piano Master for Android

I was recently browsing for musical Android Apps when I stumbled across Piano Master from B77 Entertainment. Piano is an instrument I’ve always wanted to play, and Piano Master is the first Android game I’ve found that actually teaches me how to tickle the ivories while still staying fun.


The gameplay behind Piano Master is similar to few other musical games, as you’ll need to hit the correct keys when notes pass across them to “play” your song. You’re score & grade is tallied based on your max combo and total number of points. Each song has 3 different levels of difficulty ranging from Beginner to Expert; there is also a listening mode where you can just sit back and hear a nice tune. It’s very simple to play and surprisingly addictive.


There are several different versions & packs for Piano Master; the free version gives you the first 7 songs which cover tunes like The Entertainer, Moonlight Sonata 1, and the Mexican Hat dance. The full version gives you 25 songs in all and adds more classics like Ode to Joy, The Blue Danube, and Good Fellow. If 25 songs aren’t enough, you can purchase 3 extra packs of music featuring songs from Beethoven, Chopin, and Mozart. The packs are only $0.99 cents apiece and add around 90 extra songs for your Piano playing pleasure.


Overall, Piano Master is very easy to play and more importantly its fun as it keeps you coming back to try again for that elusive perfect score. The gameplay mechanic is one we’ve seen before, but I think it translates better for Pianos than for other games I’ve tried like dancing, singing, etc… If you’ve ever wanted to learn piano from your phone or tablet, Piano Master is just the game for you. You can check out B77 Entertainments Piano Master for free or pick up the full version for only $2.90 on Google Play.


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