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TigerText Android App Lets You Send SMS that Self-Destructs

Concerned about your privacy when sending text messages using your Android phone?  Does an app that lets you send SMS that self-destructs at a given time sounds to you? Well, there is actually an Android app that does that and it’s called TigerText.  I”m pretty sure that the app’s developer didn’t intentionally name this app like this way as it was made and release even before the Tiger Woods scandal involving – well private SMS that got leaked out.

Anyway, TigerText is a pretty simple Android app with a pretty powerful functionality. Just like we said it allows you to send text messages that automatically erases itself from your Android phone and the recipient’s phone at pre-set time. The message is not saved in either your Android phone, the recipient’s phone and even on your telco’s databases.  It is however saved on TigerText’s server. But don’t worry, the TigerText servers are purged regularly so I guess your text messages are in good hands.

To use TigerText, both you and the recipient should have the Android app installed. If the person whom you share private text messages with doesn’t have an Android phone, hopefully he or she uses an iPhone which also has the said app and is compatible with the Android app.

The Android app is available for free. You also get to send up to 150 messages for free as long you use it within 15 days after you’ve installed the app on your Android phone. After that, you have to pay $1.49 per 250 messages that you will send each month. If you want unlimited text message sending capability, you can opt to pay $2.49 per month.  [Update]:  The product now is completely free.

Sounds cool? Actually TigerText is really a pretty cool app.  We don’t have to enumerate its advantages and disadvantages as well as how you can effectively use it to conceal some vital text messages, whether illicit, highly confidential or private. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to use the app, if in case you decide to use it.