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TNA Wrestling iMPACT! for Android – The Review


I’m going to start this one off a bit different this week instead of going straight into the review. As a fan of 80s & early 90s WWF wrestling, it was a sad weekend as the great Randy “Macho Man” Savage passed away. I grew up watching wrestlers like the Macho Man, Junkyard Dawg, and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, so I was pretty bummed when I heard we lost the Macho Man over the weekend. As sad as the news was, it brightened my day up a little when I noticed a new Wrestling title for Android.  TNA Wrestling iMPACT! is a new game from Namco, and it’s the first real wrestling game out for the Android platform. I took the game for a spin over the weekend, and after pile-driving people into the mat for hours, here’s what I thought…

Gameplay & Features

Some games aren’t that easy to translate over to a small touchscreen device, but TNA Impact does the job pretty well. You have your on-screen controls which include the joystick, grapple, punch and run buttons. When you need to pin someone an extra icon will pop up, and you can even climb the turnbuckles and launch yourself across the ring which is a must. You’ll get two main game modes to choose from with Career and Exhibition modes.

In Career Mode, you can go with Heavyweight, X-Division, or Tag Team Careers. You can use a wrestler provided by the game, or create your own. The creation options aren’t bad either; you can configure your characters tattoos, build, eye/hair color, finishing moves, etc.. It’s doesn’t have the same amount of features as a console title, but I didn’t expect it to; I was more than happy with the options it did provide for creating a wrestler. Once you’re done with your wrestler you’ll launch his career, and take on plenty of opponents on your way to the title. It does have somewhat of a story mode, and you’ll be asked questions during interviews in career mode. I’m not sure yet if those questions affect your gameplay, as I haven’t beaten the game yet.

Exhibition Mode has several options as well, and you can play your created wrestler in that mode too. You can set the match up with different options like Impact Zone, Final Resolution, Standard, Submission, No DQ, Tag Team, and the ever popular Cage Match. The roster of wrestlers is pretty impressive, as you’ll get to choose from 24 stars like Jeff Hardy, Rick Flair, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Rob Van Damn, Kurt Angle, and Sting among others. There are also Achievement and Video sections in the game. The Achievement section has a lot of different awards to unlock from creating your first champion, to winning the title. There didn’t seem to be anything actually in the Video section as of yet, it just took me to a webpage that was down. It might be something on my end of things, just not quite sure yet.


Overall, this was a very good wrestling game for mobile devices, especially considering it’s the first one out as far as I know. The music and graphics are well done, and there is some depth in the game play as well. There isn’t a free version, but if you’re a wrestling fan you’ll definitely want to check the game out. If you’d like to get started body slamming and pile-driving people, you can get TNA Wrestling iMPACT! in the Android market for 2.99.