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Toons Summer Games 2012 – Android Game Review

As the 2012 Summer Olympics are well under way I thought it was about time to take a look at a few Olympic themed Android games, and we’re going to start with my favorite Toons Summer Games 2012 from MobileMediaCom.

Toons Summer Games 2012 is an Olympic game that takes me back to the good old days of the 80s as it reminds me a lot of a cult classic cartoon that aired called Animalympics. Yup… you get to play the Olympic games as a quirky bunch of Animals and it’s a very welcome twist to your standard Olympic Android game. As for the contestants you’ll get to play with an athletic Ape, an agile Turtle, a fast Feline, and jumping Sheep, and a cute little Koala. Different animals take on different events, and the developers did a good job of switching things up with the contestants as they don’t necessarily do the event’s you’d expect them to. Bet you didn’t know a Koala could throw a hammer better than an app or that a Sheep enjoys pole vaulting did you?

As for the events you’ll get 12 in all; it was only 10, but the developers stayed true to their word and just added 2 new events a few days ago. You’ll get to take on Swimming, Weightlifting, Table Tennis, Hurdles, Pole Vaulting, the Hammer throw, the Javelin, Soccer (juggling only), Canoeing, BMX, Boxing, and Windsurfing. Toons Summer Games 2012 also gives you 2 modes of play with Single Event and Tournament. Single Event lets you choose any sport you like and lets you try to break records; the more victories you “chain” together, the harder the game gets which is a nice touch. Tournament Mode gives you the full Olympic experience as it lets you play 7 events on 3 difficulty levels. You need to win 4 events to become the victor, and it’s quite a bit of fun trying to do so.

Toons Summer Games 2012 also has some interesting features for you to enjoy with challenges, records, boosts, and Country rankings. When you first start the game you can select your country, and as you and others play your countries rankings will rise or fall depending on how well you do. The game tracks your stats locally, but the real competition is in the “World Challenge” tab where you can check your countries stats and compare your scores against the best. The boosts do as expected and can boost your performance during an event; they can be purchased with credits through gameplay or you can buy credits to get your boosts.


Toons Summer Games 2012 is an awesome Olympic Android game with plenty of events, and most importantly it’s a damn good time. I found all of the controls were simple to use, but the game’s just tough enough to definitely offer you a nice challenge throughout. The Animals themselves were the star of the game for me though, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing table tennis with a turtle, throwing hammers with Koalas, and juggling a soccer ball with the agile Ape. I also thought the Global Challenge was a nice touch even though the US is currently in 7th place which hopefully will change after our lovely readers in the US hopefully pick up the game and start playing.

Overall, I can’t really say anything bad about Toons Summer Games 2012 as its solid all around, and if you’re looking for a fun Olympic game that’s a little different this is the one for you. There’s no free version of Toons Summer Games 2012 available at this time, but the full version is a real deal at only $0.99. You can check out MobileMediaCom’s Toons Summer Games 2012 on Google Play for free.

Toons Summer Games 2012