Toy Village – Android Game Review


Not a week goes by that there’s not a new building game in the market, and last week brought a new one from Glue Mobile called Toy Village. Toy Village puts you in charge of rebuilding a tiny toy town after a destructive Tornado demolished it. You’ll have to rebuild things to get the toys back, and you’ll get plenty to work with. Graphically Toy Village looks great, but the issue with most building games is the wait time. Will Toy Village move along nicely or is it as slow as molasses? Read on to find out…


Toy Village is a “time-based” building game which means you have to wait a certain amount of time for buildings to go up or to collect your cash and XP. The wait time is about the same as most other games of this nature; if you’re used to it you’ll be fine, but it may frustrate people new to the genre. As with all building games you’ll follow the tried and true formula of build, collect cash & xp, level up, and then build some more. The interface is easy to use and looks really great; you simply click the build icon, select your object, and place it on the map. Everything can be rotated before its placed, and you can even move things after they’ve been put down. Most games will let you do that, but most games won’t let you move ALL the starting objects on the map. Your village wasn’t totally wiped out by the tornado so you’ll start out with some toys, trees, and random objects. I know it’s nothing major, but it’s still nice to be able to move everything around and truly set the village up like you want it.


Now for the most important part for a lot of folks, and that’s how many items you’re able to build. You get 6 basic buildings including housing & farms, 12 Shops, 45 decorations, 10 expansions, and 3 characters. That’s around 76 objects and 38 of those will cost you Glu Credits. Not too bad actually, sure some of the cooler things can only be bought with the Credits, but there are some high level items that can be bought with money earned in the game. They also give you the usual option to buy credits or coins; if you don’t like paying for in-game money you can do the Tapjoy thing and get some for free. The social aspect of the game is there too as Toy Village utilizes Openfeints scoring & achievement system and you can visit your friend’s villages as well.


I’ve always been on the fence with time-based building games as I either love them or hate them, but I’m happy to say Toy Village is a game I grew to love fairly quickly. The whole “Toy” premise of the game is very cool while the graphics are vibrant and look great on the old Captivate. It’s a very polished game as well, and everything really looked great all the way down to the little in-game animations. The game basically reminded me of a little Pixar village where toys go to live so even though I hate to wait, I never cared to go back and check on the little guys. It may be a bit slow to build, but Toy Village is still a very solid game and well worth checking out.


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