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Trivial Wikipedia is a great new Trivia Game from G-APP that lets you test your knowledge against Ink stained Wikipedia pages. Normally I’m not a big fan of trivia games, but as I am a fan of Wikipedia I thought I’d give Trivial Wikipedia a try. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found when I fired up the game although there was one small feature I could have done without. What was the feature that drove me nuts and does it kill the game? Read on to find out…


Trivial Wikipedia is basically a Trivia game that uses Wikipedia pages for the questions. You’re given specific portals to choose from and around 20 pages/questions per theme. After you select a category you’ll see a Wikipedia page with Ink stains blotting out the pertinent information about the answer you need. At first I thought this would be pretty easy so I picked the video game category in Trophy Mode, and it was fairly easy mainly due to way you’re able to answer but we’ll get to that in a minute.

When you’ve completed a section it gives you your score and the option to look at the original wiki page for any of the questions in that category. I liked this feature as a lot of the information is interesting and I did want to go back and check a few things out. As for answering the questions themselves, there are 5 different ways to answer the questions with Direct Answer, Letters Answer, Multiple Choice, Image Joker, and Skip Joker. You’ll earn points based on the way you choose to answer the questions with the harder methods (direct answer) earning more while a wrong answer or the Image Joker lose you a few points.


Trivial Wikipedia gives has two different modes of play with Trophy Challenge and Raking Challenge; Ranking Challenge is much harder in my opinion due to the fact that it’s timed. There are 7 “portals” in all with General Knowledge, Science/Technology, Arts, History, Geography, Sports, and Dictionary. The actual topics you choose are called Themes and vary from portal to portal like Award winning TV series of the past 10 years for Arts and Constellations for Science. There are 23 different themes in all which is pretty good for a game this new. There are also 21 different trophies to unlock with a gold, silver & bronze trophy for each portal. If you dig leaderboards, Trivial Wikipedia has those too along with everyone’s favorite achievement/scoring system Openfeint


Overall, I really liked Trivial Wikipedia but I do have two small (personal) gripes about autocomplete and the answering system. The autocomplete feature is handy, but takes away from the game a bit as it can make things too easy, especially when you know a lot about the subject. It would be cool to have an option to turn that feature off, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means. The other gripe is with the answering system. The different methods are nice, but the multiple choice option was way too easy as some of the answers aren’t closely related to the questions.

An example would be one page I got about a Racing game, and two of the answers given were Metroid and Super Smash Brothers. Not hard to rule those two games out. That being said, the game as a whole is great and I’ve had a blast playing it so far. There are plenty of portals & themes, and the layout of the game is easy on the eyes as well. The free version gives you around 16 themes while the full version gives you the full 23 for $2.69. The developers say they’ll be adding more themes by the week, and if they do this will be the trivia game to beat. If you enjoy trivia games (or Wikipedia) I highly recommend you head on over the Market and pick up Trivial Wikipedia.


Trivial Wikipedia


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