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TrueCaller Android App Review

If you get many calls from unidentified numbers – meaning those which are not in your Android phone’s contact list, you certainly need a caller id. One Android app that you might want to consider is TrueCaller. TrueCaller is a very useful app especially if you get too many incoming calls from unknown numbers. What this app does is to show you who is calling before answering to know if the number zis not saved in your Android phone’s contact list. In other words, TrueCaller Android app is a mobile caller ID that works in real time.

The first time you fire up the app, the app will give you four options – search and history, update phonebook, social, and call filter. In search and history, the app lets you share for a name or number in TrueCaller directories. Update phonebook lets you update your phonebook with missing address information. This feature keeps your contacts list up-to-date with all the missing address information about individual contacts including their street, city and zip code. The Social feature lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts to TrueCaller and lets you see your friends latest status message and profile picture during incoming or outgoing calls.  Finally, call filter lets you allows you to enable call filtering, block calls from filtered numbers and of course block unknown callers.

Aside from those options, the app also gives you some other useful features. These include – mobile caller ID, social caller ID, caller ID+, and  SMS popup.

To get you started into using TrueCaller after you have downloaded and install it on your Android phone, you just need to choose your country, change some settings including the length of time the pop-up appears when you receive incoming calls or SMS messages. After these are done. You can start using the app and see how useful it is for blocking unwanted calls or SMS.

TrueCaller is available from the Android Market in both free, lite version and paid version which will cost you $1.99. Here’s the download link to the full US version of TrueCaller.