Ultimate Checklist – Android App Review


Making to-do lists has always been a way to get things done; especially for those tasks you dread doing. It’s human nature to put things off or “forget” to do things, and it’s pretty frustrating when you miss something important. No worries, there’s an Android App called Ultimate Checklist by JIMBL that will make “remembering” important or trivial tasks a little bit easier.


The Ultimate Checklist app comes pre-loaded with around 52 different occasions and a whopping 12,000+ items. Some of the pre-loaded occasions include Baby Showers, Beach Trips, Birthdays, Household chores, Marriage, Vacations, Weddings, and even a little Scuba Diving. Don’t have everything you want in the vacation list? No problem, you can edit the lists, add to them or export them; you can pretty much configure things however you want.  If they don’t have the list you need already, that’s not an issue either as you can make your own lists with your own items. Everything can be color coded, arranged by order of importance, and you can have as many lists as you want.


There are a few other good checklist apps out there, but Ultimate Checklist has been my personal favorite for awhile now. I use it for simple tasks and also to keep track of games or apps I want to review. Ease of use was a big selling point for me as they have a slew of pre-made lists already, but the ability to “easily” make your own really sold me on Ultimate Checklist. It’s also had an update a month since its release, so you know the dev’s are going to keep it updated which is always nice. No free version is available, but you can get Ultimate Checklist in the market for $2.99 or check it out on Appscribe.


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