Using Android Apps as Learning Aids: Six Apps to Sharpen Your Skills

Apps aren’t just for iPads and iPhones. Android has more than 70,000 apps available—a substantial portion of which can promote learning both in and out of the classroom. Although many apps give students the opportunity to review notes and take quizzes, the following apps can enhance learning from a broader perspective to ensure better performance in a variety of academic subjects.

Memory Trainer

Described as “Gold’s Gym for your memory muscles,” Memory Trainer is designed to strengthen memory through regular mental exercise. The app allows users to improve spatial memory, working memory, concentration skills, and focus by completing the daily exercises the app provides. The device not only aids in better information retention, but also in reducing the user’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease later in life.


Sharpen your logic and problem-solving skills by piecing together a scrambled photograph. Similar to a puzzle, Photomix allows you to scramble your own photographs by shaking the device and shuffling the fragmented images back together by strategizing the appropriate route to take. The puzzle is very similar to a Rubik’s Cube, and exercises logical and mathematical skills.

Plink Art

Have you ever come across a painting and wished you had a way to transfer the image to your computer to learn more information about it? With the Plink Art app, you can identify works of art by taking a picture of the piece, sending it to the Plink database, and receiving identifying details in a matter of seconds. The app is a must-have for art students, but can be helpful for all students because it improves the brain’s ability to associate images with words.

Words with Friends

Most smartphone users have downloaded the Words with Friends app for strictly recreational purposes; however, the app can be highly beneficial for learning. Words with Friends is nearly identical to the popular board game Scrabble, which has been proven to enhance memory, anagram skills, vocabulary, and understanding of language in general. Students who play the game daily can sharpen writing, reading and speaking skills as a result, all of which are crucial at any level of academic studies.

Find Next Number

Users can test their logic and mathematical skills with the app Find Next Number, which presents a sequence of five numbers and asks the user to determine what would logically come next. From a learning perspective, the app can help students sharpen their logical and pattern-seeking skills, both of which are highly beneficial in solving problems and predicting outcomes.


The object of Reversi (also known as Othello) is to turn over as many of the opponent’s pieces as possible to ensure that you end up with the most colored pieces by the end of the game. This complex game involves excellent strategizing skills and an exceptional ability to envision the game several moves ahead. Naturally, it improves learning in students by exercising their ability to see the future consequences of a given concept and create strategies to avoid negative consequences.

Game-based learning is becoming popular in classrooms all over the country because it engages students and makes learning fun. With Android apps like these, you can learn and play with your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are.


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