Vignette Is a Stunning Camera App for Android

Vignette is a nifty camera app for Android, which enables anyone and everyone to take stunning photographs. It’s an open secret that the stock Android camera app sucks. Fortunately, manufacturers like Sony Ericsson have been doing a pretty decent job at making it usable. However, Vignette goes far above and beyond any other camera app.

Vignette’s biggest strength is its filters. It includes as many as 68 camera effects and 56 frames. The filters don’t require any manual tweaking and are versatile enough to produce stunning results under varying conditions. Have a look at the snaps embedded below.


Vignette doesn’t actually improve the picture quality. It simply adjusts various image parameters to make the colors pop out. In short, it allows you to snap wallpaper worthy shots without a thousand dollar equipment or extensive photoshopping.


Vignette is designed to be an easy to use solution meant for everyone and that shows. You won’t get options to switch between macro and micro focusing modes or to adjust your metering mode. However, you will get all the basic options including geotagging, self-timer, flash, digital zoom, autofocus and touch capture. My only gripe is that some of the filters have an extended processing time, which makes Vignette unsuitable for certain occasions. A burst mode, which captures images at a quick succession and applies the effects later on, will certainly be appreciated.

While one can probably achieve the same results through professional utilities like Photoshop and Lightroom, not everyone has the skills or the time required to do so. Vignette offers a quick and pain free alternative. It is quite possibly the best camera app available for Android. Download the free demo from the Market and give it a spin. The full version is available for £2.99.


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