WebMD for Android – The Review


If your one of those folks who like to diagnose themselves, then you’re going to be happy that WebMD is now available for Android. This is the epitome of Medical Apps, and nothing else on the market even comes close. It’s like having a doctor in your pocket, minus the wait & the bill. I really can’t say enough about this app; it’s easy to navigate, full of information, and it looks great as well. After playing with it for well over an hour, I decided I needed to write a review of this handy app…


There are many things to cover with the WebMD app, and I’ll start with my favorite… The Symptom Checker. This feature gives you a body, and you touch the area that’s bothering you. It has everything listed from your knees to your eyeballs. Once you identify the body part, it will ask you a series of questions and then tell you what the issues might be. They also have the all of the symptoms in a list, which will let you see the conditions by area, or through general and skin symptoms.

The Condition section covers a wide variety of problems like abscess’s, Pseudogout, Poison Ivey, Thrush, and everything in between. You just click the condition and then you can check the overview, symptoms list, and any related articles in the WebMD database. You can also email the information to yourself or a friend, which is great if you want to check on something for someone else. If you decide you need to seek help, the local health listings are great to use. It lets you search for Physicians, Pharmacies, and Hospitals in your area.

More Features…

The Drugs & Treatments section covers information on different medications. It gives you the uses, side effects, precautions, interactions, and overdose symptoms. Some medications will have several different photos, which will also help you verify your medicine. The other cool part of this section is the Pill ID feature. You can identify medication by the shape, color, or even the imprint on the pill itself. Again, once you identify the drug in question, WebMD will give you the same information listed above.

Next up is the First-Aid section. This is some great information to have if your in an emergency and it covers a lot of different problems. Scrolling through it I noticed broken limbs, bruises, food poisoning, hypothermia, insect bites, head injury, and dozens more. Each issue has a wealth of information like treating the condition at home, medical treatment, tests, prevention, and most importantly…when to seek medical care.


WebMD is an outstanding medical app. It has a ton of useful information on everything from dementia to intracranial hematomas. It’s one of the most useful apps you can have on your phone, and it’s totally free. It isn’t a substitute for going to the hospital, but it will sure help you out in a pinch. Unless you have the immune system of Superman; I would highly recommend you grab this over at the Android market.


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