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Zixxby is a new Arcade shooter from Honey Badger Studios that will WOW you with its graphics, and suck you in with its gameplay. You’ll play a little alien named Zixxby that’s out to save his home planets moons from the nefarious Ningrom Empire. Zixxby has a cute little alien, plenty of levels, killer graphics and most importantly top-notch gameplay.


There is a nice tutorial from the “Zeekon Pilot School” you can take when you first fire up the game, but it’s basically tilt your phone to fly and swipe to shoot. Zixxby’s ship is very easy to control, but the difficulty comes in the form of bullets, mines, and meteors headed in your general direction. You also only have a certain number of bullets for each level, and if you run out you’re toast.


There are 40 levels in Zixxby spread out across 4 different moons. Each Moon has 10 levels that you can play in any order, but you’ll need a certain amount of fuel to advance to the next world. Fuel is gained every time you kill an enemy and through the bullet bonus at the end of the level. Every level has different objectives depending on its type like Pot Shot, Mini Nuke, and Carnage. There are 5 different weapons to use as well with the Sniper Bullet, Mini Nuke, Bouncing Bullet, Pellet Cannon, and Comet Buster.


Zixxby is a very cool game with excellent graphics. Whether it was an asteroid or explosion; everything really looked great. At first I thought it was pretty difficult to fly the saucer around, but after taking the tutorial I was ready to go and quite a bit better. Zixxby also has 40 different levels, so it’s a game that will challenge you for a while and Mini-Games will be added in the future. Overall, it’s a great little space shooter that’s going to challenge and entertain you. You can check out the free version or paid version of Zixxby in the Android market for .99 cents.


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