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Space Bunnies is a fun new casual Android Game from ShockPanda games. Your job will be to help these poor space bunnies find their way to Homeworld, and pick up a few of their friends along the way. It is definitely a unique game, with great graphics and plenty of levels. It reminded me of pinball in a way as you go bouncing across the galaxy, but it’s really unlike any other game I have played. After spending an hour or two zooming around outer space with the bunnies, here are my thoughts on the game…


The gameplay is very simple; anyone should be able to pick this up an learn the  controls fairly quickly. You use your finger to “launch” the bunny along his way, and the tilt controls to avoid obstacles while making your way to the end of the level. You’ll see arrows around your little ship, and the blue represent your friends you’ll want to pick up, while the green is the levels goal. Each level with have a certain amount of stars (like angry birds) and every time you pick up a friend you will get a star. You also have a shield and fuel meter you’ll need to keep an eye one; some enemies will suck at your fuel, and asteroids will kill your shields. If you get stuck in a spot, you can always use your finger to “nudge” your ship along; each time you do this it will cost you fuel so you’ll want to keep that in mind.


Power-Ups will play an important role in the game as well, and there are 3 main ones to get. You’ll have access to the Map, Explosion, and Cloaking power-ups, and you will need them all. I didn’t pay much attention to the one for the map at first, but I found out the hard way its just as important as the rest as some of these levels are huge. It’s easy to get turned around in the game, and if you run out of map power-ups…you may have to wonder around for a bit. The explosion button is nice as well; your gonna hit  a few areas that will need to be cleared before you can pass.  The gameplay is pretty deep; with 3 worlds featuring 10 levels each, and a fourth world is coming soon.


At first, I wasn’t really sure what to think, but this game grew on my quickly. I thought it was way too easy at first, but when I hit the asteroid belt in an early level, it got a bit more difficult lol. This game honestly turned out to be a great surprise. The graphics are very sharp, and the sound track fits the game perfectly. Most of all it’s a lot of fun, and anyone should be able to pick it up & play. If bunnies, explosions, and bouncing around like a pinball in space sound like fun you’ll love this game. Head on over to the Android Market and pick up this uniquely awesome game for free!

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