KeepSolid Sign – Electronic Signature App


KeepSolid Sign can be described as a multi-platform E-signature app which is aimed at making your life easier. If you’re not very tech savvy, consider this: KeepSolid Sign is the definition [...]

Pokemon Quest Now Free to Play on Android

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If you’re a fan of the “Pokemon Universe”, well, the good news of the day is that you can now play Pokemon Quest for free. What does it mean? To begin with, this game is aimed [...]

Kiwi Browser for Android Hits the World

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Kiwi is one of my favorite fruits, but today marks a double whammy for yours truly, as I’ve just learned there’s a Kiwi browser for Android out there, and that’s as good as it [...]

Top 10 Best Android Games to Play in 2018


Over the past few years, the collection of games on Google Play Store has increased considerably an that’s mostly because of the developments in the Android devices. Now the smartphones [...]

How Mobile Gaming Is Developing?

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When you hear a conversation about online games, the idea of mobile gaming doesn’t come to mind but recently the world is taking a look into the impact of mobile games and the benefits of [...]

Top 5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2018


Since everyone owns a smartphone and almost all of your work can be done from these little devices, you need to take extra care when it comes to security. There are many threats out there that [...]

How To Create Your Own Free Video Calling App

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How to create your own free video calling app With an outbreak of SMBs, the business paradigm has shifted. The small and medium-sized businesses have become the backbone of the economy as they [...]

The Best Android Applications for Your Car

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Most of the modern day vehicles come with integrated GPS techniques, which will advise the driver to reach an area. However, with the improvements in cellular technology, the Mobile phones have [...]

Why Your Business Might Need An App

In most cases we see business owners not considering developing a proprietary mobile app because they believe this is something only suitable for big brands, like Apple or Walmart. That is [...]

How Mobile Phone Helps You to Track Your Child


If you want to know exactly what you kids are up to all day every day, let me introduce you to what will help you, the hoverwatch mobile phone tracker. We all love our children. But in this world [...]

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