Google to break Android into pieces – PC Pro

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CNETGoogle to break Android into piecesPC ProGoogle is looking to bring the various versions of Android in line by decoupling the core operating system from the applications running on top of it. [...]

Motorola i1 (Sprint Nextel) – PC World

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TFTS (blog)Motorola i1 (Sprint Nextel)PC WorldAnother Android first: Motorola launched the i1, the first push-to-talk Android phone on the market launching this summer on Nextel's iDEN [...]

Samsung Galaxy S – PC World

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Times LIVESamsung Galaxy SPC WorldThe EVO 4G wasn't the only Android superstar to debut at the show. Also powered by Android 2.1, the Samsung Galaxy S boasts a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, [...]

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