Jetpack Joyride now on the Google Play Store

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A little over a month ago the popular iOS game Jetpack Joyride became available for Android devices. There was one small problem though, or a big problem depending on which country you live in. [...]

Age of Zombies – Android Game Review


The games for Android devices are getting better by the day, and most of the great ones have been coming out as Tegra 2 or Xperia Play exclusives. Well, the period of exclusivity just ran out on [...]

4 Best Android Arcade Games

If you’ve spent a lot of time trying to level up on your favorite smartphone game, you’re not alone. Gaming apps are the most popular entertainment apps around, with a larger following than [...]

SocialFuel – Busca de Postos


O SocialFuel é o melhor aplicativo gratuito para ajudar você a encontrar postos de combustível próximos, saber quais os preços da gasolina, etanol [...]