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平和な学校に同和が押し寄せた!カモにされた免疫なき自治体・金沢市からの衝撃のレポート。視聴料を払うのが馬鹿らしくなる、B-CASタダ見問題。メディアが隠す欠陥と怠慢を最も詳しく、分かりやすく解説する。かつて言葉狩りに加勢した塩見鮮一郎。著書で部落探訪をやったら、解放同盟に「そこは部落ではない」と突っ込まれた。他●リベラルな電波グラビア館・プロ市民の聖地、宮下公園にアノニマスが集結●警戒せよ!解同が来りて『ホラ』を吹く金沢市立額中学校“やらせ”糾弾疑惑・プロローグ「免疫なき自治体を襲う同和の触手」・狙われた金沢市立額中学校・関西地方には同和地区がないとでも?・木曽三川を東に越えれば同和は「童話」になる論理・責任者不在の糾弾会、誰に聞いたらいいのか?・逆ギレする北陸事務所担当者と謎の密告ルート・「生徒の記憶を優先する!」差別ありきの糾弾会・“生徒がつなげている”作られた差別発言・指定地区なき同和対策という不思議・「はい喜んで!」見事なカモられっぷり金沢市・「94年のワナ」にまんまとハマったモデル市!?・沈黙する関係者たち・金沢市の稀に見ぬ爆笑珍回答●嗚呼、“北陸解同”道険し―富山県同和事情レポート・富山の解放運動は融和団体が強かった!?・富山県の賢明な判断・拍子抜け? まともすぎる県と市の対応・絶版騒動『近現代日本の買売春』の著者も参加する富山解放連・脱力感満々、謎の人権コミュニティセンター●メディアが隠す放送業界の大チョンボタダ見し放題B-CASカードの欠陥で正直者は損をする・膨大なデータを家庭に届けるデジタル放送・B-CASカードが必要なワケ・B-CASカードは何をやっているのか・B-CASカードはどこまで解析されたのか・B-CASカードの真の欠陥とは何だったのか・B-CASカードは受信機と一体?・“見せしめ逮捕”以外に対策はあるのか●著書に部落名を書いたら「そこは部落ではない」と解放同盟に指摘された塩見鮮一郎●同和行政3方面バトル日記①・舞台は大津地裁から大阪高裁へ・泥沼へと突き進むか? 容赦無き鳥取バトル・二兎追うものは一兎をも得ず 大阪市同和地区マップと人権擁護局Dowa peaceful rushed to school! Report of the impact of local governments from Kanazawa without immunity, which is to duck.To pay a subscription fee is silly, B-CAS problem seen nothing. Most particularly the media hide the defects and negligence, and easy-to-understand explanation.Shiomi Sen’ichiro words once you aid to hunting. I did explore the village in his book, the Liberation League "there is not a village" was the thrust.Other● Hall gravure liberal radioHoly place of citizen-gathered anonymous pro, in Miyashita Park● watch out! Denounced alleged "fake" junior high amount Kanazawa Municipal same solution blows the "Hora" Te Kitari· "Dowa tentacles attacking the municipality without immunity" PrologueJunior and amount Kanazawa Municipal Targeted• Even if there is no Dowa district in the Kansai region?Logical and become a "fairy tale" Dowa be beyond the east KisoKai denounced the absence of the person in charge, to whom can I ask?Root of the mystery and betrayal Hokuriku office personnel to misplaced angerKai denounce "Giving priority to student storage!" Of Anhui discriminationRemark and discrimination, "students are connected," made· Without wonder that antidiscrimination measures precincts- "Yes, gladly!" Sore Kanazawa been stunning duckCity, model fits nicely in the "trap of 1994"?· Officials to silenceChin-answer LOL not rare in Kanazawa● road ruggedness, "said Hokuriku solution", ah – situation report Dowa ToyamaToyama-liberation movement had a strong group harmony?Judgment and wise in Toyama Prefecture· Anticlimactic? Prefecture and the city of decent support tooRen Toyama release to participate author of "The Modern Japanese purchase of Prostitution" fuss out of printCommunity Centre for Human Rights the full weakness people, of mystery● The loss is a defect in B-CAS card honest Unlimited seen large Chonbotada the media hide the broadcast industryDigital broadcasting and the vast amount of data delivered to homeWAKE-B-CAS card is required· What you are doing is B-CAS card· How far have been analyzed B-CAS card· What was the true defect of B-CAS card· B-CAS card is integrated with the receiver?· Is there a workaround other than "arrest lesson"● the name of the tribe in his book wrote "there is not a village" Sen’ichiro Shiomi that was pointed out to allies and release● ① three-pronged battle diary government antidiscriminationThe stage-to Osaka High Court from the district court Otsu· Do you cleave to the quagmire? Battle Without mercy Tottori· The Human Rights Bureau to pursue nitrate Dowa district maps and Osaka also without obtaining one rabbit

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