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ROOT REQUIRED: Phone must be rooted to use this widget!An icon that displays unread counts for all of your email accounts (not just gMail). Select which folders you would like it to keep track of and the text displayed. Works with HTC Sense and Android Email. Multiple instances and multiple folders per instance supported.FEATURES INCLUDE:- Support for Vanilla E-mail Client- Support for HTC E-mail Client- Support for MotoBlur E-mail Client- Multi-folder select- Allows for multiple instances of the widget with different folder settings for each- Saves battery by only updating when the screen is turned onCHANGELOGv07- Fixed a large scale permissions issue causing the application to not find accounts or update unread counts- Now works in most new ROMs, including custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod7v05 – v06- Internal Code Enhancementsv04- MotoBlur Email Supportv03- HTC Sense Support- Stock Android Email SupportTROUBLESHOOTINGWe have tested this widget with many different phones, from Droid Xs to Nexus Ones, and even an HD2 running Android. Unfortunately, with so many models of phones and so many different versions of root access, it is impossible to ensure the widget will work on every phone.If you do have an issue, there are usually small tweaks that will make the widget work. Please post a comment on our site with details, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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