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30 minute Indian Recipes. Quick and simple recipes to produce delicious Indian food in 30 minutes or less! Starters, main meals, desserts, drinks, snacks and more, split up into Vegetable recipes, Chicken and Egg recipes, Fish and seafood recipes, Salad and Raita recipes, Rice and Pasta recipes, Lentil recipes, Snack recipes, Desserts and Drinks recipes and Fusion Recipes. With over 100 easy to follow delicious recipes there are delights for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.Updated for 2013!All recipes and images are sourced from the public domain. We’ve tried some of the recipes (they were delicious) but not all of them, so we can’t vouch for how accurate they are. The recipe images are serving suggestions and representations of what the end result might be. Yours might look completely different!All recipes have a handy timer to help with cooking timings. We hope you find it useful.Some of the recipes require an internet connection, some don’t. If a recipe requires an internet connection, it’ll only need it once as the recipe will be cached on your device. This is to keep the size of the app down. The notes feature allows you to keep notes on your cooking. You can use the notes feature hands free and just talk. Your speech will be converted into text. This is great if you have your hands full in the kitchen, but you may need to manually edit your notes when you have time as speech to text isn’t 100% accurate.You can use the notes in any way you like, you could make a note of tips and tricks or even add your own recipes or variations. You can even make your notes public if you like and share them with other users of this app on the Scringo social network just by ticking a box when you’re saving your note.The shopping list allows you to quickly add products to a list and save them. If you need products for a recipe add them to the list and you won’t forget them! Deleted products can easily be re-added just by clicking the ‘add’ button and selecting from a list. Many of the recipes are also included in video format for people who prefer this method. Please note that not all videos will play on all devices, it’s out of our control. All the videos are sourced from Youtube using the official youtube api.When the video starts, your device will vibrate. This is just to warn you that you may be about to use high bandwidth on your device. This app can be saved to your sd card. On your device go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps’ (or ‘Settings’ > ‘Applications’ > ‘Manage Applications’), find this app and click on it and select ‘Move’ or ‘Move to SD Card’.We use the Scringo social sharing platform in this app. It’s a great way to meet like minded people who share your interest. To get the best out of it, you should log in with facebook or twitter. Doing this allows you to share your notes with other people, chat, find people, start in-app communities and more!You are under no obligation at any time to use the social features in any way. This App is a free app and is ad supported. We hope you understand that making free apps involves a lot of work and planning, and having adverts allows us to earn a few cents to help with improvements and bug fixes.Without advertizing, Google Play would have many less apps for you to enjoy!We only use well established ad networks with good reputations, such as admob which is google’s own ad network. These networks require different permissions to work. These permissions can be used by evil developers to get your information or pass viruses. The reputable ad networks we use do not do that! They would close very quickly if they did as most developers hate viruses and data farming as much as app users do.

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