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Sit back, relax and enjoy A Farm Life.A Farm Life is a live wallpaper with a bit of a twist. Watch as your character goes about his/her daily life. Farming crops, feeding & petting animals and more. As time goes on, your character will get better and better at farming and start planting new crops. Crops will be sold each game day (every 6 hours) and earn you some gold. Gold can be spent on new animals or even decorations for your farm!A Farm Life is a very "hands-off" type game with no interaction required, except for decorating your farm. FEATURES:10 different crops to plant. Design and decorate your farm with 10 decorations Populate your farm with 6 different animalsCustomize your character’s gender, hair, hair color and outfit!Upgrade your house from a small hut to a beautiful house.Please note: A Farm Life is free to play, however some items/features are locked and may only be unlocked by purchasing the full version via an in-app purchase. (You will not lose progress if you unlock).In order to start using A Farm Life, you will need to set it as your Live Wallpaper background. TO USE:Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select A Farm Life from the listYou can access the settings menu via the app icon (the cute pig) or through your Live Wallpaper settings.*** If you have any problem, please send an email to mphilips555@gmail.com, with your phone model so we can have enough info to help you!NOTE: Some phones may have performance issues with too many animals/decorations on the screen. If you feel your phone is acting sluggish, you may need to remove some of the decorations or animals. We are always working on increasing performance.TIPS:1. We recommend trying out the different zoom settings to get the view you prefer on your screen size. Smaller screens will benefit from the 75% and 50% zooms. 2. You can move the screen in the Customize farm menu by dragging your finger on the screen. This will, especially, help when selling decorations or animals.3. If you place an apple tree, your character will have an extra task to perform.

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