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It’s a day like any other day at absurd mall except for the fact that it’s different. People are still here to shop, but the shoe store has an infestation of shoe flies. They make a mess and that’s where mall maintenance comes in. Oxnard bear and Alice alligator are working the day waiting for trouble such as this. Join Oxnard and Alice in their epic battle with the shoe flies to save business and commerce at Absurd Mall.Armed with and ooze squirting apparatus known only as a flyswatter Oxnard and Alice square off against the dreaded shoe flies. You can command either Alice or Oxnard and earn promotions and new, more powerful ooze squirting flyswatters when you play the math and action-packed shooter known as Absurd Mall Math Deluxe. In Absurd Mall Math, the player engages in an activity that not only requires hand eye coordination and timing, but also multiple addition calculations. The player is presented with five pairs of shoes, all having a randomly determined price. Across the screen shoe flies travel carrying images of the shoes. Along with the shoes the shoe flies have a numeric value attached to them. The player uses a flyswatter and targeting system to shoot down the flies in the game. The point values are attached to the shoes the flies are carrying. A running total for all five shoes is kept. If the player successfully accumulates points equal to but not greater than the value of the shoes, the player wins the shoe. Values greater than the shoes’ price result in the loss of the shoes. The round ends when all the shoes are either won or lost. After each round the player is given experience points. For every hundred experience points gained the player rises to a new level and gains a new, more powerful flyswatter. Random values, level increases and game difficulty choices provide hours of quick computation practice that is both engaging and rigorous. Absurd mall math provides players with both right and left brain engagement. A quick round of absurd mall math focuses the mind and engages the cognitive process.Absurd Mall Math Deluxe is the fourth educational application for smart phones created by Tower 23. For over 15 years Tower 23 has provided for both publishers and the public educational interactive applications on the Internet. Starting in 1996 with classic absurd math, tower 23 has been at the forefront of innovative interactive learning activities. Tower 23 prides itself on creating academically rigorous activities that have edginess that engages the learner and makes the concept both entertaining and understandable. For more thought-provoking activities, visit www.tower23.com.

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