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*************************************NOTE****************************************App is very basic (with no future enhancements in plan) and the Body Mass Index calculation follows the World Health Organization standards for calculating BMI. So please don’t complaint about the method. Only report technical problems. ************************************************************************************Features:–> Metric + Standard + Mixed unit systems–> Swipe left/right to switch between different screens.–> BMI values are age-independent and the same for both sexes. (Source: World Health Organization)–> Better battery with Black Background (Colored Background consumes more battery power in AMOLED/SuperAMOLED displays) ***************************************************************–> If the application doesn’t work or throws some FCs/error, please tell me your Android Version and Mobile Model(Important). It’d help me fix the problem. ****************************************************************Full Description:Now you can calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) pretty quick. Ad Free BMI Calculator is Simple, easy to use and very light on resources. For your convenience, this BMI calculator includes both the Metric, Standard Unit Systems and a Mixed unit system. And as the title says, this BMI calculator is ADFREE (No Advertisements what so ever). –> This BMI calculator allows you to calculate your Body Mass Index precisely** and very efficiently by consuming very low system resources.–> Body Mass Index is independent of ages and same for both sexes.**–> No need of checking with confusing BMI charts anymore.–> Application asks for Storage and Phone Calls permissions since the minimum supported version is set as Android 1.5 Cupcake (Still many of them are using cupcake and I can’t abandon them).If you have any suggestions on how to improve this fitness application (like adding Fitness Tips/ Fitness Videos/ Fitness Articles / Fitness Web Links )feel free to mail me or write it in the comments.** Source: WHO’s Global Database on Body Mass Index *****************************************************************

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