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AddedDec 24th, 2010
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Track jobs/tasks/projects and the time spent on them. Attach notes and track interruptions. Export your data in a delimited text file for import into excel or other applications. If your job is anything like mine, co-workers can bombard you with requests and complaints at any time through any medium. I needed something simple, fast, but with the ability to go back later and add more details if I needed to. I also needed something to track how I spend my time, track interruptions and to help me get back on track when they happen, something that most similar apps lacked.I have geared this app to the way I work every day and it is still a work in progress. It is also more of a personal project than an attempt at developing commercial software, but if others find it useful so much the better.Current features: -Quick entry, give a project a name and you are done, add a priority if you choose -Project editor, easily edit your project later and include as much detail as you want -Add general notes to any project and see them along with all the project details with a tap -Keep track of how much time you are spending on each project -Keep track of interruptions, great for when the boss asks you why you didn’t get anything done that day! -It will remind you of what you were working on before you were interrupted -Many sorting options -Choose to view projects that are active, completed, or all -You can also view the raw data in the database, mainly a debugging feature for me, but others might find it useful as well-Export to a "~" delimited text file to your SD Card Coming soon: -Contacts integration -Email features -Add type option to further increase organizational options -Date formatting options if requested, I know the rest of the world hates the way we Americans format our dates 🙂 -Be able to edit notes -Delete projects -Reopen closed projects -Forums for this app, in the mean time, you can email me at [email protected] Coming eventually: -Sync with online database for adding, reviewing, and editing through a web browser -Ability to task out to others and keep track of who you asked to do what. -SD Card installation-if it doesn’t kill performance Coming maybe: -Integration with some popular helpdesk apps -Asset tracking -Whatever else I can think of or that people might ask for that I could find usefulThis Applicaton is ad supported and I don’t plan to release a paid version unless there is interest in a onetime fee for an ad free version, so let me know what you think of it at [email protected] and later in the site forums when they are added or in the market comments.

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