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This is a toolbox for helping Android Developers. At this moment this application has the following features:- Converter from dip (or dp) into pixels for different density’s (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdp, tvdpi). The calculation tells you how big your graphics should be.- Minimum widget size calculation. You can enter the size of the widget (in cells) and it will calculate the minimum widget size in dip.- Watch Google I/O video’s. The Android video’s from the Google I/O are the best way to get information that will get your app to the next level. All the video’s from Goolge I/O 2013 have been added to the list. (video’s are only supported when running on Android 3.0 or higher)- Links to other apps that can be useful for Android development.This application can be a helpful tool when you develop your own Android application. If you have idea’s about something we can add, let us know. The latest update of this app if completly build with Android Studio, Gradle and the Gradle Android Build plugin. NOTE: Don’t give this app 1 star if you don’t know what this app does or if you are not developing Android applications.

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