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PLEASE READ:In order for this to work, you need to have this same application installed on the target device, because the application understands the SMS request message. It works by sending an SMS message to the target phone, so if this application is not installed on the target phone, then all they will get is a text message.Please email me( if you run into any problems or if it does not work in your country so that I can make fixes/changes.You can view where the android phone device is on a map display or on the live camera view, along with your heading, target bearing and distance information. PLEASE NOTE:This is not designed to be a secret location tracking service!! You will know when someone is wanting to know your location because an SMS message will be sent/received.One SMS message is sent from your phone, and one SMS message received(with the location) from their phone. The target phone(with the same application installed) needs to be configured with a matching ‘secret phrase’ that is set up in the settings menu.Great for finding friends and family including their bearing and distance from your location(e.g if at a park, concert etc). Works best when you can get a GPS fix(i.e normal conditions and not in a tunnel etc). Its especially helpful in natural disasters(such as earthquakes) when you need to know where someone is.If you are requesting their current location, the GPS initialization process will continue until a GPS position fix is obtained or the user presses the ‘Stop GPS init’ softkey button. Once their GPS location is determined, their GPS resources are freed up.You can also configure various settings including to have a dialog show when someone wants to know where you are. By default, location requests will be captured silently (your phone volume is turned silent when the text message is received with the location request and then re-enabled after the text message is processed).A bearing to the target can be displayed and the compass arrow goes green when you are facing in the direction(within a few degrees) of the target. You can also switch to the camera view to see the target(as long as you have a location to calculate a bearing from your position to the target position)You can disable the whole service(ignores all requests for locations from outside parties) by hitting the ‘stop service’ button in the settings menu.Be sure to update to the latest version as this will include the latest bug fixes and enhancements.If you want any enhancements or changes to this app let me know and i will try to get them in. Have fun finding another android phone:)

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