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This manual is text version of Android SDK Document. Packages and Classes references are not included because of its size (over 200 MB).The purpose of this app is to help Android fans, users and developers to have access to complete Android reference information provided by Android Developer site while they are not in front of computers and paper books.Since no graphics and images are supported in this ebook template, all graphics have been trimmed off. And, also for the same reason, all downloadable resources, such as, SDKs, sample codes, Android logos are not included, and some minor compilation on text contents has been made to make this manual easier for users to read.For original references, documentations and downloadable resources, please go to Android developer site or view SDK documents in your Android SDK doc path if you have installed Android SDK.Why care to read such long, complete and boring reference documentation (TEXT ONLY)?Well, you may learn on practice, but it is very helpful if you can get to understand the complete concepts well before getting your hands dirty, and it is helpful too for you check the manual as reference book when you are not certain about something.For users, you may find the useful information to avoid lose in confusing setup when it may be a simple click if you check with the reference manual;For developers, getting familiar with the SDKs, APIs and all tricks is really valuable. When you try to achieve some functions and features using self built complicated codes, you may get into the trouble by spending too much time and finally find that one line of codes may be fine if you know APIs well, and the codes you build may miss something critical!Even though you may be an experienced developer, reading reference documentation always get you something fresh that may help you on your next programming job(s). This Manual does not just get you the reference document, but it gets you any time and everywhere when you have your phone with you. You may read it on bus, in public park, while waiting in Doctor’s office and any where even though you are not in the front of your computer(s) and where no paper books for you to reach! Enjoy reading !keywords: android development programming developing develop offline programmer handbook manual reference android development guide android development reference book——————This app is an Android Book App built on Jiuboo Book Template. Jiuboo is an Android book app publishing platform developed and maintained by Ming Shen. Book Apps published by Jiuboo may be written by the publisher or may be the public domain books. The app publishers do not need to publish books through publishing companies, Jiuboo allows any books and contents to be published on Mobile devices and multi millions of Smartphone users can read the contents for free. The publishers gets revenue from clicks on Ad banner directly.Jiuboo book is an App Template, the publishersdo not need to be a technical person or Android programmer. An easy to follow 9 steps for any one who is able to access internet and who has contents or books to publish. You may write your own, or you may publish other’s as long as you are legally allowed. Jiuboo provides the flexibility of Book setup, such as, skin, text size, color, etc. and App setup such AdMob ID to drive revenue direct from users’ clicks and Google Analytics to track the usage of your own Jiuboo apps. The easy 9 steps, no coding, quick publishing!Jiuboo is still under development, and this app is the result of beta test. If you like it and plan to publish your own Book Apps, visit to check if it is available for publicFeedback:

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