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Android Trek for fans of star trek, star wars, and space based defense games.Android Trek – Galaxy DefenseUse your compliment of torpedoes and power to defend your ally’s ships and space stations against the other two factions. Loot destroyed ships, resource nebula, explore planets and moons. Dock at your faction’s stations to replenish your supplies. Watch out for sectors which have you outnumbered and use the distress signal to request assistance. If the hull is critical, leave combat by jumping to a neutral sector and wait for your crew to fix up the ship. This is the first release of this game. I have a list of features that are to come in future releases Some Planned Upcoming gameplay:1. Answering station distress signals2. Persistent character after defending the galaxy.3. Voiceovers4. Repair and system damage.5. Leader board6. AI improvements (retreat, target damaged, target closest)7. Credits8. Buy system upgrades9. Experience and leveling/points10. Ingame button makeover11. Mmo style  Recent Changes 1.0.17• Added missions• Fixed SOS later in game.• Fixed some sprites• Player Marker distinction• Destroyed ship sprite1.0.16• Fixed torpedo message.1.0.15 • Explosion fixed when torpedo dodged.• Added 5% base power requirement to move in sector.1.0.14 • Movement within sector added.• Torpedos can be dodged.• Loot icon added.• Fixed volume control from device• switched loot button to just clicking on object in sectorv1.0.13• waitforhuman triggered when leaving sector.• fix small resume problem• changed reward to 1-3%• objects on top of each other.• more moons, planets, stars, nebula• resource in combat.• SOS tutorialV1.0.12: • added some turtorials• AI delay after human fire• Fixed enable sound setting• Galaxy scroll & colorsV1.0.11: • Main menu shows ship dps/shields/health• Health added to enemy per difficulty• -30% phaser power cost• Explore planet/moon rewards• Ai waits for you to shoot when you enter sector• Faction bonuses applied• Only 1 of each faction in first sectorV1.0.10: • Added working SOS logic.• Added escape dialog after ship destroyed.• Object naming.• Fixed couple spelling errors.• Hail travel doesn’t remember discovered sectors.• Enemy order…V1.0.9: • Added only 1 of each enemy in first sector.• Status message height.V1.0.8: • Added faction dots.V1.0.7: initial release:• 3 factions• 3 ship classes• Planets• Nebula• Stations• Planets• Moons• SOS• Difficulty settingYou may enjoy this app if you enjoy Star Wars, Star Trek, Space Conquest, TDZK, droid trek, and other space based battle games. Tag information, users who downloaded this also installed or played temple run, angry birds, games, fruit ninja, talking tom cat, facebook, vengeance, rpg

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