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THE WORLD MAY HAVE ALREADY ENDED!Using the very latest positronic BLAST processing technology, this incredible new app for your phone will let you know in mere seconds if the world has ended and we’ve all died horribly!Featuring:- Megapixel graphics that will blow your socks off*- Fonts chosen by a group of toddlers for maximum comfort value- Patented** GiantRedButton technology proven to maximise your End Of The World experience.So, set your mind at rest (or possibly panic) at long last. This version is completely free, as long as you’re willing to look at – and maybe even click – one of our many fine advertisments! And everyone loves ads, right?RATED LOW MATURITY. Very low, in fact.—* for maximum safety, remove socks before use** Patent "pending", which is to say not actually applied for. But we did consider it.

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