Shufflepuck Cantina by Agharta Studio – Air Hockey in Space

shufflepuck cantina by agharta studio

Shufflepuck Cantina by Agharta Studio

You are an Astronaut lost in space, and the only way for you to buy a ship to get back home is to game your way home in Shufflepuck Cantina by Agharta Studio.shufflepuck cantina by agharta studio Shufflepuck Cantina is a surprisingly great game; who knew there was a way to make playing air hockey fun, not me. But playing Shufflepuck Cantina that’s exactly what you’re doing, playing space air hockey against aliens and robots to earn money so that you can get back home.

One of the things that makes Shufflepuck Cantina so interesting is the subtle references towards other games and movies in space. For example, you can’t understand what the aliens around you are saying until you get a Babel Fish, or if you listen to the background music in the game it sounds a lot like the Cantina music from Star Wars. The more you play Shufflepuck Cantina you’ll find more of these semi-hidden references.

Playing Shufflepuck Cantina is quite easy; just slide your finger around to hit the puck. There are three modes of game play; Dueling, be the first to make it to five points. Survival, last as long as possible scoring while not letting your opponent to score at all. Or Betting, choose an amount and if you win you get Credz. Credz are the in game currency that you can use to purchase upgraded pucks, mallets, or other store items.shufflepuck cantina by agharta studio

Shufflepuck Cantina features several levels of play with multiple opponents to play. Each opponent in Shufflepuck Cantina has a special move that through play you can get the ability to use. The in game graphics are beautifully crafted and the characters are wonderfully designed. There is a great story behind Shufflepuck Cantina; combined with the game play is probably the most addictive, fun Android games I’ve played in a very long time. Shufflepuck Cantina by Agharta Studio is one Android game that you should definitely try.

Shufflepuck Cantina by Agharta Studio


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