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AddedAug 11th, 2010
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— To understand what we use the permissions for, scroll to the bottom of this section –Re last comment "Got an ad in my notification bar from the game!" – we use the notification bar when you are playing multiplayer to tell you about your battles – sorry if that wasn’t obvious (they ARE NOT used for ADS like other less scrupulous free games). Don’t play multiplayer and you won’t get notification messages.The Halloween beasties are all hidden again – they were only out for that day – did you manage to find any? Let us know!We’ve added some halloween beasties into the mix… Now they are ONLY available for today – Halloween and they are hiding in barcodes that you may have ALREADY scanned !! Everytime you scan a barcode today there is a chance of one of them coming out !! Can you find them all ?? Don’t bother scanning the same barcode over and over – they definitely won’t come out then … We’ve done a load of changes – it’s time you saw them !!We are doing regular releases now. We’re trying to do one a week ! Some of them will just have bug fixes and smaller changes in, but some others that we are working on are huge… We’ll keep you posted on twitter / facebook and of course in these forums.Firstly, a plea ! PLEASE email /twitter / facebook etc etc any issues, crashes you have to help us fix them. I can’t debug through a marketplace comment. Also, if you do get a force close, put a quick comment in the box that appears. It really helps !Barcode Beasties now has FAR better multiplayer (through c2dm – thanks google!) and loads of voices we are adding daily. The app will ask you to download them when you start it (WIFI recommended). We don’t have voices for all the monsters yet but they are coming "online" whenever we have a chance.## Multiplayer is now live and has CPU monsters for battling at all times. ##Scan barcodes, find monsters and then FIGHT ! Game is under constant development / updates now. I actively listen to the playing community and take their requests into development (there is also a survey that you’ll be invited to direct the game which you’ll get a link to about a week after you register).There is now a 3d version in the pipeline as well as far better sound effects, music etc. Watch this space [email protected]_richard on twitter for free stuff and answers to market issues.PERMISSIONS:WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – This is so we can download the voices to the SD card and save them there (as opposed to using valuable phone memory).ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION – This is for upcoming multiplayer features where you will be able to battle players near you – and it’s also for "Layar" (which isn’t out publicly yet).INTERNET – Pretty obvious – so you can play multiplayer etc…READ_PHONE_STATE – We have to have this one to enable "scoreloop" which is our high score and achievement tracking service.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – So we can see if the phone is online/ on wifi etc.CAMERA – So you can scan barcodes !!FLASHLIGHT – so if you are in the dark trying to scan a barcode, this *should* (on most phones) switch on the light.BILLING – so you can donate "in the game" (coming soon)C2DM / CLOUD MESSAGES – this is for multiplayer alerts etc.WAKE_LOCK – so the phone doesn’t switch off whilst you are viewing a battle.*** If you have any issues with the above permissions, let us know and we’ll do our best to make the app work without those functions ***

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