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Welcome to BashModo!BashModo is a simple yet addicting game where the objective is to destroy all of the green enemies. Bob is your faithful companion and will blast enemies into oblivion with his lasers. Beware of the black boxes because they can get you into trouble.There are 20 waves per set and there are unlimited sets in the game. Each set gets slightly harder so remember, patience is a virtue. If you find yourself having to put the game down to participate in normal human activities, have no fear. Your progress will be saved and you can pick up exactly where you left off. See how far you can get and post some of your high scores in the comments here!As I cannot respond to your thoughts in the comments here, visit and tell me what you think. This is my first game and I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for future updates. I hope you have as much fun playing BashModo as I did in making it. Happy bashing!Follow me on Twitter: @SemperGumbeePermissions Explanation:NETWORK COMMUNICATIONFULL INTERNET ACCESS – Needed for loading in game ads. There are no notification advertisements and no "deals." Just AdMob banner ads at the bottom :)VIEW NETWORK STATE – Ads need to see whether or not data network is active in order to display the ads.STORAGEMODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS – BashModo writes saved game information to the SDCard, such as scores and certain game settings, which is why this permission is needed.SYSTEM TOOLSPREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING – Keeps device from going to sleep while game is running. Does not do this when app is not active, so no potential for battery drain.

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