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AddedApr 23rd, 2011
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Game card of Belote on Internet.This is the first "Belote" game playable in network or with Bluetooth!!On Internet, it is now possible to join a running game, by replacing an AI player. So you don’t need anymore to wait other players to start a game!You can play classic Belote or Belote Coinchée.You can choose to play alone against 3 Artificial Intelligences, play using Bluetooth with one friend, or play using internet ia game with 3 other players.IAs have a very nice level.During game, you can take a look at current game configuration by clicking on "Menu/Game Settings".You can leave your current game, et continue it later (solo only).To "coinche", touch rapidly 2 times the playmats.To see the last trick, touch the playmats when it is tour turn to play.To see the last 5 scores, touch the score window.Remarks:Some time the connection to a game can fail. In this case, leave and join a new time the game.For the moment, you can play with only one friend on Bluetooth.The internet server that manages games is still in beta version.Send me all your advices, remarks or encountered bugs.To see the rules, look at

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