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The "Bizcaroid Ext. -Afteranalysis" is an application that works together with "Bizcaroid".It can be used from the main screen of "Bizcaroid".[Features]■OCR recognition of stored business card images - When selecting a folder of an inserted SD card, the stored images in that folder will be processed with OCR recognition and the retrieved results will automatically added to the address book.  * The obtained data will be the same as the one in Bizcaroid.  * The applicable target image resolution for OCR recognition is in between "64 x 64" to "2048 x 2048".  * Even if the image is within the suggested range, OCR recognition is not always guaranteed.  * Recommended image resolution is over "1600 x 1200".【Requirements】 ・ An Android 2.1 smartphone or higher with camera attached. * An auto-focus capable camera is required * A 2 megapixel camera or higher is recommended【Notes】 This application can only work once Bizcaroid is installed on the same device. * For more information about Bizcaroid consult the About screen of the application. * At the bottom of the About screen of each extension app select the information of the developer that read "See more Applications".* Bizcaroid is a registered trademark of the OMRON Corporation.

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