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NUMBERCOP is the easiest way to block unwanted calls and texts. NUMBERCOP tracks more than 50.000 active spamming phone numbers: Phone scams, phishing calls, telemarketers and mass text/SMS senders. Works like Antivirus security. Blocks spam numbers automatically. Includes daily number updates, free for one month. Easily search suspicious #’s and report new phone spam. Protect your privacy, avoid identity theft and save minutes!? Automated Spam DetectionNUMBERCOP blocks spam calls and text messages automatically. It is powered by NUMBERCOP’s Phone Spam Index which tracks thousands of spamming phone numbers for the area where you live.? Simple Spam ReportingSimilar to spam filtering for emails NUMBERCOP uses a combination of in-house spam research and user reports for phone spam filtering. With NUMBERCOP you can join us fighting phone spam and report new spam easily and anonymously.? Personalize Your BlockingNUMBERCOP specializes in detecting soliciting and fraudulent numbers, such as phone scams, billing fraud schemes, phishing calls and robocalls. You can customize and enhance this protection by adding personal numbers or by unblocking selected numbers. ? Lookup Suspicious Numbers Unauthorized phone spammers change their caller-id number on average every 2 weeks to prevent legal prosecution. With NUMBERCOP you can find relevant information about a new caller ID before you pick up a call or reply to a text message.? Scan Text MessagesSMS/text message spam can become expensive if you pay for incoming text messages or if you accidently opt-in to a premium service. NUMBERCOP allows you to scan your text messages for known scams and risky links.? No Risk TrialNUMBERCOP Phone Spam Blocker starts out as a 30-day trial with no account sign up or credit card required. After free 30-days you can purchase NUMBERCOP for $4.99 USD, which will extend your protection for 1 year. And in case you ever change your device: We can switch your subscription to your new device.Like us on Facebook us on Twitter us on Google+ more about NUMBERCOPhttp://www.numbercop.comCompatible with Lookout, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Avast and other Anti Virus and Security apps. Please note that installing the following apps such as: Mr. Number, Call Blocker, Call Filter, Call Control, Call Guard, Whoscall or Blacklist on your phone together with NUMBERCOP Phone Spam Blocker may make your device unstable or cause a potential conflict. Our most sought after features are call filter, caller, phishing, call, ID, mr, police, block, report, scam, spam, fraud, true, text, anti, virus, number, caller, blocker, sms, txt, protection, bullying, complain, scammer, dnc, ftc, fbi, skype and # lookup.

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