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This app helps readers organize their book collection. The app allows the users to add books by either scanning the barcode, manually or importing a list of books from CSV-formatted file. In addition, the users can organize their book collection by different genres or whether the books are purchased, borrowed or recommended. If the book is borrowed, the app can be configured to remind them as to when the book is due. You can also search for a book in your collection based on the title.This is the full list of all the features:- Maintain a list of books in your collection.- Books can be added manually or by scanning ISBN bar code.- Manage your own genre list (e.g: add genres).- Each book record can indicate the genre, whether the book is recommended, borrowed or purchased.- Book record can also indicate whether the book has been read.- If the book is borrowed, the user can maintain a borrowing record and a reminder as to when the book is due.- Maintain a lending record of the book.- View the book list based on various criteria.- Search for the book based on title or author.

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