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Adding variety of new interactive books for babies, toddlers and kids! Including books of fairy tales, songs, animation and playful search and find.Be a part of the dino expedition team! Dig up various dino bones and bring them back to life! In this app, have fun learning about dinos through great illustrations, sound effects and action in a game like feature.= FREE "Three Little Pigs" == FREE Trial "Rising Dino" == FREE Trial "The Bear Went Over The Mountain" == FREE Trial search and connect adventure book "Mr.Connecto" == FREE Trial "First words for kids" for baby =TARGETING AGE8 months to 12 years of ageFEATURES** Both adults and kids will love reading and playing it over and over again!We’ve selected must read stories for you and the young ones to read and play numerous times.- To optimize children’s reading experience, we’ve carefully designed every component in the app, including script, narrations, BGM, timing of movement and lovable characters.- You can switch off the "read to me" mode and read the script shown on screen by yourself.** Rising DinoBe a part of the dino expedition team! Dig up various dino bones and bring them back to life! In this app, have fun learning about dinos through great illustrations, sound effects and action in a game like feature. It’s like having a dinosaur excavation and a bunch of pet dinosaurs with you at all times!- Where are the dino bones hiding? Swipe the screen and dig them up. When you swipe even more, the dinos will come back alive!- Tap the dinos and listen to them make realistic sounds. Detailed dino info.- When you finish digging up all of the dinos, they a will come back to life, just like they lived in their ancient times.** Mr.Connecto- When you tap characters, they will tell you what they want. Search for relating people that will fulfill their needs from the map and "Connecto", make both of them happy!- There are 50 characters in the map and they will randomly move around each time you start the app. So, you won’t get tired of playing "Connecto".- Kid’s favorite characters such as firefighters and police officers, people that are active in our daily lives, and hilarious ones will appear in "Connecto". This is also a fun learning material for social studies.** Babies love books- Selling over 10 million baby books and creating mega hit baby shows on national TV, Yuichi Kimura now produced a series of apps combining interactive stories and videos just for babies.- You will be amazed to see them glued to the story, having fun and actually start tapping!** Adding new stories every month- We will be releasing new stories from around the world monthly.FEATURING STORIES** Fairy tales from the West (Andersen, Grimm, Aethope and others)- Three little pigs- The little mermaid- Cinderella- Snow White- Jack and the beanstalk- King Midas has donkey ears- The boy who cried wolf- The little match-seller- The ant and the cricket- Pinocchio- Hansel and Gretel- The Ugly Duckling- Little Red Riding Hood- The Tortoise and the Hare (Aethope)- The Wolf And The Kids- The Honest Woodman- The Emperor’s New Clothes- Rapunzel- Beauty and the beast- Sleeping beauty** Fairy tales from the East- Aladdinothers** Tap’n seek song book- The Bear Went Over The Mountain- Wheels On The Bus- Down By The Bay- ABCsong- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Old McDonald- We Wish You a Merry Christmas- Jingle Bells- Silent Night** Mr.Connecto- Town (daytime, dusk, evening)- Shopping mall (winter, spring, summer- Country side (daytime, dusk, evening)** Babies Love Books- Guess what?- Show yourself- Ready, set, go!others** Rising Dino- Beginning of Dinos- Powerful Dinos- Battling Dinos- Gigantic dinos** First words for kids- Living room / dining room, Kitchen- Bathroom- Kids room, Exterior- Playground, Town- Numbers / Colors- Body / Clothes- Zoo / Aquarium- Refrigerator

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