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***********ULTIMATE BREASTFEEDING BREAKING NEWS APP**********Congratulations! Whether you are an expecting mother or a newly mother with a new born baby. Be happy as you will be going through an adventure with your loving baby.This app is all about breastfeeding news and baby shop. News that is very informative that will assist you in breastfeeding your baby. The baby store will also make it easy for you to purchase your baby essentials comfortably at home while you focus on taking care of your new joy. We also give you a bonus memory game to keep you occupied while you are breastfeeding or while you are at rest.The breastfeeding news is channeled from the expert all around the world. They touch areas on breastfeeding as follows:a) breastfeeding and pregnancyb) breastfeeding a toddlerc) anatomy of woman breast for breastfeedingd) video of breastfeedinge) diet while breastfeedingf) tandem breastfeeding, g) breastfeeding photography, h) breastfeeding older child, i) foods to avoid while breastfeeding, j) breastfeeding and pumping, k) thrush and breastfeeding, l) breastfeeding and birth control, m) breastfeeding latch, n) breastfeeding milk storage accessories,o) breastfeeding advantages, p) the complete book of breastfeeding,q) alcohol and breastfeeding,r) how to stop breastfeeding,s) foods to avoid during breastfeeding, t) public breastfeeding, u) breastfeeding complications, v) smoking and breastfeeding,w) weight loss while breastfeeding, x) breastfeeding questions and answers, y) breastfeeding positions, z) benefit of breastfeeding,The baby shop features 5 main store which is as follows:-1) books related to breastfeeding and pregnancies,2) baby products which includes bottles for breastfeed babies, supplements while on breastfeeding, 3) nipple protectors which includes creams, ointments and physical protectors for your nipple while breastfeeding, 4) Breast milk pumps that you can use either manually or using electricity.5) Breastfeeding wardrobe which includes bras and other suitable clothing suitable to help you breastfeed while you are alone or out in the public. More items shall be added in the store for your easy shopping while at home breastfeeding your baby need.To keep this app 100% free forever, you will receive the ads notifications. This will help me bring you more updates and cool apps like this. The permissions added are needed for it. So it’s not spam or virus, don’t worry about new permission update. Thank you for using my app.******DOWNLOAD NOW BREASTFEEDING BREAKING NEWS APP******

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