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AddedOct 11th, 2010
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Schedule your messages and calls easier then ever before.If you don’t want to forget to send a message or call somebody, schedule it in advance!Create easy repeating schedules by selecting preset repeating time periods, or custom delays, available for all activities.Custom names can be set for each activity for easier identification.NEW! Notification screen with alarm sound where you have the option to cancel the next action.Schedule unlimited calls and messages in this FULL version.Features: – Place a call to anybody at any time without even being close to the phone. You also have the option to automatically end the call after a set time (may not work on all phone types). You can choose this time to start after the call connected and started ringing or wait for the call to be answered, and start counting after that! – Create a show dial schedule with an alarm, to remind you not to forget to make the call. – Schedule your text messages so you never forget a birthday or important events. Long messages are automatically split. – You can set periods of time when you don’t want to be disturbed by annoying calls, with the option to send an automatic text message to the caller. Choose weather block all calls, unknown numbers or block/allow only calls from specific numbers from the block list. Each scheduled period has it’s own block list!Don’t keep both the free and paid version installed simultaneously.

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