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AddedApr 21st, 2013
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Now your smartphone will act like a document scanner with character recognition (OCR).This Camera Document Translator enables you to extract text from an image which is recognizable and Translatable.Some of the reasons which make the app a huge success and a must-have app are:1. Simple design: Once you start the app, it installs the English recognition database and optimizes it for first-run. Then, within the blink of an eye, you get your simple and lovely interface. Any text that fits within the rectangular box at the centre of the screen is immediately recognized, and the corresponding digital text is shown at the top of the screen. By pressing a single button, you can get the immediate translation.2. Small size: The app is really small, about 4.74 MB in total. It certainly fits well into your phone’s memory.3. Fast recognition: The OCR recognition speed is blazingly fast, and if your connection is reasonably speedy, you can get an immediate translation using Bing’s online translator.4. Language support: Almost all major languages are supported. You can basically scan most languages, and translate to a variety of others. Being an Indian (although not a Hindi-speaker), I immediately tried English-Hindi translation, and things worked perfectly. The same can be said in the case of German, French, Greek, Spanish and nearly most other languages.5. Minimal distraction: The app utilizes screen’s real-estate well. You have minimal distractions while trying to translate your text.6. Flexibility: The OCR box can be stretched or shrunk with a single movement of your hand. Using the neat ability integrated into the app, you can decide how much of the text you would like to get translated.7. Free: It’s a major thing. The app is released for free, and is ad-supported. But the use of airpush for ads has guaranteed that those ads won’t haunt you.8. Autofocus: This is an additional bonus. Using continuous preview and autofocus, this app works very quickly with all kinds of texts. In my case, I tried it with a printed file, a newspaper, as well as a book. Worked like a charm in all the cases.9. Camera Document Translator also provide you the ease to share and copy the recognized and translational text on Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other social media and you can also send text as SMS or Email to your friend.

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