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Draw chemical structures. View 3D. Generate IUPAC names. Calculate properties. Simulate NMR. ChemDoodle Mobile!NOTE: ChemDoodle® Mobile is accessed with your ChemDoodle account that is provided to you for free when you purchase ChemDoodle desktop. You can use the Guest account to access this app without purchasing ChemDoodle, but you will not be able to save your drawings and some features may be restricted.Thank you for all the positive feedback! Please rate ChemDoodle Mobile 5 stars so we can continue to provide you with new and free features.ChemDoodle Mobile is the Android companion to the popular chemical publishing desktop application, ChemDoodle. ChemDoodle Mobile is a calculator for drawn organic structures. There are five main windows: Draw, 3D, Calculate, Spectra and Help. The Draw window shows a typical ChemDoodle sketcher, where you can draw and store your structures. The 3D window allows you to view the drawn molecule in 3D. The Calculate page calculates properties and the Spectra page simulates NMR spectra. All spectra are interactive. The Help page contains a thorough help guide.Please note that in the Android version, pinch gestures only work on platforms supporting Chrome for Android. Performance may vary depending on the Android device this app is run on. Recommended screen size of 320×480 pixels or greater.Calculations:1. IUPAC Name2. Molecular Formula3. Empirical Formula4. Molecular Mass5. Monoisotopic Mass6. Degree of Unsaturation7. Hydrogen Bond Acceptors8. Hydrogen Bond Donors9. Rotatable Bonds10. Total Number of Electrons11. Average Molecular Polarizability12. Molar Refractivity13. Polar Surface Area14. van der Waals Volume15. logP16. ComplexitySpectra:1. Mass Parent Peak (Isotopic Distribution)2. 1H NMR3. 13C NMR

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