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AddedJun 27th, 2011
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Enjoy great moments of relax, while reading, thinking, sleeping or having a small rest from your daily work. Do you have noisy coworkers? don’t worry, use Clean Noise’s White Noise and forget about them, you will soon concentrate and continue working.Do you want to sooth your baby? block any disruptive sound with white-noise, pink-noise or the sound of a fan. Your baby will drop off to sleep. Why buy another baby accessory when your phone can do the job?Do you have a moment to spare after a hard work day? Activate the Rain or the Sea sounds option and sit back, relax and read your electronic book.Clean Noise has several different relaxing sounds with beautiful landscapes to help you get relaxed.Ambient sounds like White Noise, Pink Noise, a Fan, a Fireplace, the forest sounds, the birds singing, a fireplace, a river, a music box, the seagulls and many more.The app can be moved to the SD !!There is also a non limited, no ad version in the market with more soundscapes. Thanks!!PLEASE: Send me an email to [email protected] with your requests and recommendations. THANKS !!!!Keywords: relax, fan noise, white noise, soothing baby sounds, soundscapes, white noise ambience, baby sleep, baby music box, water sounds====================================FREE APP & ADSThis is a FREE application but please consider that it also contains Ads. PERMISSIONS:============Why INTERNET / ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions?The application displays advertising that is served over the Internet.

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