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Alarm / Clock Radio / Media player (including: Internet streamed radio)Use your Android phone as an:- Alarm: Wake up to a song, artist, album, playlist or internet streamed radio. (for Internet streamed compatible formats see: – Clock Radio: Time is displayed as your phone’s time settings (Changeable here: ‘Program / Settings / Date & time’)- Media player: Listen to the same tunes that you wake up to when you are awake- Stopwatch (BETA – turn on: ‘Menu / All settings / Tab choice / Stopwatch’)- Timer (BETA – turn on: ‘Menu / All settings / Tab choice / Timer’).This is the Pro version.A Free version with ads support is also available if you want to test it for free first.Languages translated: English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese (some with Google Translate).Please help me translate a new language or fix an already translated text. Send an email to: and I will send the files you need to translate.Known bugs:- None that I known of. [Want to report a bug, see instructions below]Enhancements to come (not in any priority order):- Create playlists in the app (currently can only play playlists added to your Android phone/tab)- Add a selection of streamed radio stations from different countries.If you find a bug, send an email to with the following:- How I can reproduce it- Your phone’s data (with model, resolution, Android version, language).Quick manual:————-Time tab:- Time, date, battery: Info for you- Alarm, alarm signal: Info (Go to ‘Alarm tab’ to change)- Player signal: Selected signal to play if ‘On’ button pressed- On/Off button: Plays selected player signal- Always on/Off in .. button: Short click will toggle between ‘Always on’ and ‘Off in ..’. Long click and you can set timeout for ‘Off in ..’ model- Shuffle on/off: Can only be changed when player is off- Repeat on/off: Can only be changed when player is off- Prev/Next: Shows only when player is on and if more than 1 song is chosen- Volume: Does not show with small displays (Ex. ldpi(320×480), not enough space, use the menu instead)- Dimmer: Dim the screen to increase battery life- Screensaver: Shows time, date, alarm, alarm signal and player signa.Alarm tab:- Customize an alarm: Long click on +(1),+(2),+(3),+(4) or use the menu ‘Edit the default alarm (x)’ to see that your are in customize mode – instead of the time you will see the name (?) of the button you clicked- Add an alarm: Short click on +(1), +(2), +(3) or +(4)- Edit an alarm: Select from the list- Delete an alarm: Long click on an alarm from the list and select ‘Delete Alarm’ or edit the alarm and press the ‘Delete’ button.Latest version info is in ‘News’.Full version history is under ‘All settings / About / Version history’.Keywords: alarm, stopwatch, timer, music player, alarm clock, clock radio, radio, countdown, streaming.

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