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AddedMay 29th, 2011
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ColdSnap! helps you prepare for the weather by warning you of low/high temperatures forecast or when the current observed temperature falls outside the range you set. ColdSnap! stays out of sight until it’s time to warn you to cover up with horticultural fleece, or turn the heated propogators on. You choose where to source your weather data from. Select from NOAA, Weather Underground, World Weather Online or UK MetOffice, so if one provider isn’t accurate for your specific location, there are others to choose from.Main Features – tiny app <300k (approx 400k if you choose to store observations) – Notifies you when the forecast temperature or current temperature drops below a set level – Global (pretty much!) forecast data from either World Weather Online or Weather Underground but also NOAA for US and Met Office for UK – Ability to set the number of days ahead that you wish to check the forecast for – Configure up to 4 locations to watch – Configure your own schedule and which notifications to receive – 14 Day History of Observed Temperature – Farenheit/Celsius Support – German & French Language SupportIf you have trouble with anything in the app or just want some help, please use my email on the about screen to contact me. I welcome contact from my users and will endeavour to resolve any issues (there is no facility in Google Play for me to contact you via feedback).Good ratings attract new users which will lead to more features for you! (Market->My Apps->ColdSnap!->My Review / Rate It!)Who’s it for?ColdSnap! Frost Alarm is a must have application for gardeners, allotment holders and anyone else that wants a low maintenance, light weight frost warning system.I produced the application specifically to warn myself of impending low temperatures having had our permaculture project in 2010 suffer frost damage as a result of a late frost. ColdSnap! is not intended to be a full blown weather app and does not replace your existing weather application or widgets. It is a lightweight application that, once installed and configured, you never need look at again. Rely on ColdSnap! to check the forecast even when you forget. I use it myself, so you can be sure it’ll continue to be maintained.ColdSnap! is perfect for all outdoor pursuits, ideal for fair-weather sailors planning a sailing weekend, fair-weather campers planning a camping trip, those with animals, livestock and poultry that need protection from low temperatures. Protect those precious grape vines! If you’re an amateur viticulturist like me, this is a must have app if you need reminding to cover up to save those first shoots of the year! Farmers, drivers, rail companies, facilities managers, estate managers can all benefit! Having commuted into London for many years, how I wished my rail operator had been forewarned of ice on the track What’s it for?ColdSnap! Frost Alarm is a simple but effective way to ensure you are notified of low temperatures forecast in your area.What’s it do?Nothing…until you need it to! ColdSnap! Frost Alarm will periodically check the weather forecast and produce notifications whenever a low temperature is forecast. Once the app has been run once, you never need look at it again. You can rely on ColdSnap! to do the checking. ColdSnap! will even restart automatically if you restart your mobile, so months down the line when you’ve forgotten to keep an eye on the forecast, rest assured that ColdSnap! hasn’t. Technical InformationColdSnap! is Weather Provider agnostic. The underlying app doesn’t depend on an individual provider allowing you to select from multiple weather forecast providers to get the best forecast available for your location. ColdSnap! is not distributed with any underlying forecast data, and does not redistribute forecast data that the user retrieves.

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